25 years of experience

Throughout the years, Bitwize has worked with SMB's and large companies for IT architecture, analysis, design, development and reportings projects, consistently providing added value for business units in different domains.

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Skip the theory and dive into our hands-on, interactive Power BI showcase reports.  Find out for yourself what Power BI could mean for your company reporting!

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Report what you want, how you want

It is now possible to integrate all your company data into a reporting model, where Excel (your reporting tool of choice) now offers unprecedented reporting possibilities.

Under the title Power BI, Business Intelligence and Business Analytics is democratized and made more accessible.

The Power BI solutions offer enormous new possibilities and, moreover, are scalable. Implementation can be done locally, in your data center or in the cloud, so your reporting can grow with you.

has specialized in these technologies over the last years and can provide you with training and consulting for Power BI and Power BI tools like Power BI Desktop, Powerbi.com, PowerPivot, PowerView, PowerQuery, PowerMap and off course Excel.

Power BI = Flexibility

Without any doubt, you recognize the problem: your software solutions like Navision ERP, Navision CRM, Salesforce, SugarCRM and other packaged offer insufficient reporting possibilities. Furthermore, you cannot combine the data from these different systems.

Soon you see yourself looking on the market for a BI/reporting solution, just to find out that for many thousands of euro's you only get a handfull of reports that do not cover your requirements.  Moreover, these solutions give you no possibility whatsoever to modify the reports or to create reports yourself.

Power BI = Affordable Flexibility

Forget ExSION, QlikView, Tableau, Business Objects and other closed and extremely expensive tools. You probably already have the necessary tools in-house to start with Power BI. The Microsoft Power BI offering is build around the tool that you already know and use for years, being Excel.

With new technological additions like Power Pivot, Power View en Power Query, for a few years now, Microsoft also offers the possibility for SMB's to build automated and robust BI solutions for an affordable price.

Power BI = Go As You Grow

The Power BI solutions are scalable.  If you are the only one in the company responsible for reporting, you can start with Microsoft Excel and/or the Power BI Desktop tools where you bring in and combine all your data sources to build reporting.

If you want to collaborate with colleagues on the reporting, then you can use the Power BI service in the cloud or Sharepoint (on premise or in the cloud with Office 365).

When the data volumes or number of reporting users grow to big for above solutions, then the collection and combination of the data (the backend) can be decoupled from the reporting (the frontend).  In this scenario, the backend is hosted in SQL Server Analysis Services on premise or in the cloud, and the frontend - without having to do any changes - is presented in reporting tools like Microsoft Excel or on your favourite collaboration platform.

Power BI = Bitwize

stands for 25 years of experience in IT, more specifically in BI (Business Intelligence) and reporting. The last years, Bitwize has specialized in everything that has to do with Microsoft Power BI and has become an authority in this field.

In a few days time, Bitwize can design a reporting model for you with combined data from one or more data sources.  Bitwize can also build reports and visualisations for you.  These reports and visualisations can be altered completely by you and you will have the possibility for define and create your own reports.